Our Apples

Cameo, Liberty, Honeycrisp, Golden Gibson, Early Fuji, Stayman Winesap & Granny Smith.

We are planting a few new Apple varieties in the Orchard this year! Two new-red fleshed apple varieties ; The PNW’s own Heirloom ‘Mountain Rose’, and the Swiss Redlove Odysso. We are excited about future cider making with the new addition of the French Heirloom Cider Apple Frequin de Rouge too.


Our Peaches

Blazing Star, Blushing Star, Rising star & Flaming Fury.

Our peaches’ first harvest came early for us in 2018, so this year we are looking forward to what they have in store for us! The taste and quality were out of this world. Stay tuned for where to get our peaches this summer!


Our Pears

We grow Asian Pears; Chojuro and Shinseiki. If you’ve never had an Asian pear, you are missing out on an experience. These are preferred by chefs for their texture & flavor. They can last for months on the counter naturally-without spoiling. It has the crispness of an Apple with Pear flavor.